AGA architects was formed in 1996 with the goal of providing imaginative architectural solutions within the economic and developmental constraints of all clients. The firm believes that all projects benefit from a process involving the client, architect, builder and other specialists in an informative collaboration, and that successful projects are made possible through the management of all participants involved. We encourage this collaboration and act as a guide through the process of design and construction so that each project benefits from the participation and strengths of each team member.

The partners at AGA architects have over thirty years of experience working on complex projects ranging from office buildings and interiors, industrial and technical buildings to private residences. Through this experience, the firm has developed a sophisticated and thorough approach to design, technical development, code analysis, and document production. Coupled with the firm's skills managing increasingly intricate approval procedures and their experience managing the construction process, this approach makes the most out of each project's opportunities to provide a truly unique product for each client. Our background allows AGA architects to provide full architectural services for a wide range of large and small scale projects including new construction, renovation of existing facilities, and tenant improvements.

Through a combination of our collaborative approach and the partners' extensive experience, the firm can provide innovative design solutions within the context of the economic, schedule and approval constraints that are part of today's construction environment.

The partners at AGA architects come from backgrounds rooted in the discourse of architectural theory, philosophy and history, and they extend the architectural practice through teaching at various architectural schools in the Los Angeles area. While the design sensibilities are theoretically based, we understand that no design can be successful without integrating this with workable technical solutions and the organizational capabilities necessary to manage the phases of design and construction. AGA has over the years developed a reputation for being proficient in the preliminary phases of design, code research and program analysis, in the creation of technical documents and in the effective management of the construction administration process. We maintain this approach with all of our projects, regardless of scale or budget.

Our goal is to produce detailed, design oriented work on a variety of projects and to provide added value for our clients and collaborative partners by remaining focused on the architectural vision that makes AGA architects' projects both distinctive and successful.