Garage Gallery

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The Garage Gallery project provides an integrated aesthetic, programmatic and technical solution to the client's need to integrate two existing structures, a steel framed recreational room and a wood framed garage, into a single building that will provide artist workspace, storage and gallery facilities.

The solution was to develop a series of skylights and differing roof heights that would define distinct programmatic areas for each new use and also mediate between the two structures permitting them to remain structurally separate and facilitating a waterproof connection. Only the building finish material extends across both structures to provide a uniform appearance for the small building.

The low roof over the recreational room was maintained and this area became the workspace and supply storage. The roof over the existing garage was raised to satisfy the programmatic need for a higher ceiling in the gallery area while also facilitating a more technically appropriate connection to the now lower roof of the workspace. A large skylight defines the width of the gallery area and provides substantial indirect light for the space in addition to a single, tall wall for the display of multiple and larger works. A skylight / window is inserted to illuminate and define the transition between the gallery and the workspace. The remaining space between the skylights is reserved for support functions including a small bathroom, kitchenette and office.

The existing recreational room was modified on one side by reducing the width to the minimum required for storage. This permitted the newly exposed, existing steel roof structure to be fitted with a canopy that will be utilized to provide shade over a portion of the pool and patio area.

The final form is directly related to the visual, organizational, programmatic and technical needs of the project. The strength of this small project is its ability to integrate solutions related to these issues that develop simultaneously and support and reinforce each other.